This is the home page of M. Joensen IT which is owned and run by Mads Joensen. M. Joensen IT is a one-man company created to handle small software or web-related software development projects on a freelance basis.

If you need help with any web or software-related development projects, please get in touch using the contract form found at the bottom of this page.

Or you can check out some of my previous work below:

Prokura Scholarship

I have created a scholarship application system for Prokura. This is a webbased application that lets applicants type their information and upload relevant files. These applications are then neatly gathered in an Excel file and exported for easy processing. The system was created in the Python framework Dash using a clean bootstrap frontend. Besides creating the application, I also did all the server configuration from scratch:


I have also created a booking platform for hunts, where users can offer and rent hunts for the startup company Huntoa. They later merged with another company, so the platform does not exist anymore unfortunately. This system was created in the Python framework Django using an elegant bootstrap frontend:

Videncenter for Allergi

I helped migrate Videncenter for Allergi website from a proprietary CMS system to Wordpress. This page is designed to convey information about current allergy research to the general public. This involved a lot of Wordpress work as most plugins had to be customized or heavily tweaked to fulfill the requirements:

About Mads Joensen

I have a BSc in Computer Science from Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen and I am currently studying an MSc in Computer Science at the same place.

I work with Cyber-security as a Security Consultant at Langkjaer Cyber Defense and this is my main interest. I like to work with both software development and web development in my spare time.

For a fuller resume of where I have worked, please consult my LinkedIn-profile by clicking the icon.